来自德国图特灵根,Joimax® 中国唯一授权维修中心,Endodoctor澳洲总代理。以原装配件、德国技术提供专业的医疗器械维修服务,于2016年进驻中国郑州。 公司的技术主管, 武文.罗米勒,22年内窥镜组装研发经验,2002年取得欧盟资质。2011年, 他所参与工作的 Karl Storz研发组成功组装成功世界上第一台3D内窥镜系统. 一切,都将在为客户的服务中证明,米勒医疗科技,是独一无二的医疗器械维修公司。

We are from Tuttlingen, Germany, as exclusive Joimax® Endoscope Repair Service Centre in China, as well as authorized repair company in Australia by Endodoctor. In 2016, we started our repair company in Zhengzhou, China. Locally located and international renowned. We are committed to provide professional service by German qualified engineers with original parts and facilities. As our head engineer, technical manager, Rouven Lobmiller has 22 years experience in Endoscopy. He obtained his master craftsman certificate in Germany in 2002. In 2011, the R&D team he worked with designed and assembled the world's very first 3D endoscope system at Karl Storz. Results driven and customer oriented. Miller Medtech, will be your unique 100% German medical instrument experience in China.